examining the COVID vaccines – Dr. Andreas NOACK

Most of these object appear after room temperature drying of samples, staying embedded in the remaining hydrogel. As far as we know, neither the identity of these objects, whether mineral crystals or nanotechnological devices, has not been stated by the manufacturers, nor they hay been properly characterized by independent labs.” (MICROSTRUCTURES IN COVID VACCINES, Prof. Pablo Campra)

The first video on this site from the German chemist Dr. Andreas Noack is referring to the cited paper of Prof. Pablo Campra, Universidad de Almería.
According to Dr. Noack, Prof. Campra has been examining the COVID vaccines with micro Raman spectroscopy.
In his analysis of Prof. Campra’s paper, Dr. Noack claims that actually what he found in these vaccine samples was no graphene odixe, but graphene hydroxide.

Dr. Noack claims several aspects:
Graphene hydroxide is a chemical modification of mono-layered active carbon with a length of 50 up to 500 nm and only 0.1nm thickness (single-atomic-layer).
These layers ought to be found by Prof. Campra in every sample by his micro Raman spectroscopy investigation.
Hexagon shaped carbon cycles composing these layers of graphene oxide seem to be toxic, quite stable, not degradable molecular structures.

Dr. Noack in this video furthermore claims, that when assembles thereof accidentally directly injected into a blood vessel, respectively when the patient has intense blood circulation – as amongst athletes – these molecules will behave like razor blades, causing miniature cuttings to blood vessels, inner bleeding and probably death.
Dr. Noack sees correlation between his analysis and the increased incidences of sudden athlete’s death’.

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In this second Video, Dr. Noack was life streaming in his apartment in Germany on his online channel, when during that livestream there was a police operation all of a sudden in his Germany based apartment in Württemberg.

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According to the description of this third video on Youtube with Dr. Andreas Noack’s pregnant fiancé/spouse, supposedly, he died on 26th of November 2021.

Austrian’s government is currently trying to introduce a mandatory COVID vaccination law. One of its proponents is Ärztekammerpräsident (mandatory-payed representative institution of all medical doctors in Austria) Dr. Thomas Szekeres.
Dr. Noack asks in his Video addressing directly Szekeres to explain to his “boss”, the Austrian’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, what these particles ought to do in the vaccines, before obligate their application even to children up from five years.
Dr. Noack demands an intense dialogue within various scientific groups to investigate all possible negative side effects before enrolling a obligate COVID vaticination law in Austria.

The video is cut multiple times, which makes it difficult to verify the context in which the statements were actually made.

The sequence of the events can only be roughly reconstructed. According to RTL-News (November 29, 2021), the second video of the police operation was published on Wednesday (November 24, 2021). The criticized planned compulsory vaccination was announced by Chancellor Schallenberg on November 19, 2021, but had already been rumored in the media beforehand.

Further videos on Youtube with Dr. Andreas Noack:

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Further Sources: Die Gefahr der Nanopartikel in den Impfstoffen

6th January 2022
Graphene hydroxide causes cardiac arrhythmias after stimulation with microwaves

Effect of graphene oxide on myocytes when stimulated by external microwave radiation

Quelle: rumble.com, orwell.city

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